On air


A week or so ago I was surprised to be contacted by Radio Suffolk who invited me to come on and talk about my book Photographing East Anglia. The Lesley Dolphin show is all about Suffolk and every afternoon she has a guest from the county on the sofa to chat about their life and their work… on Monday that guest was me!

This was the first time I’d been on the radio, actually it’s the second now I think about it, I was on Radio Norfolk back in February, but this was the first time being in a studio and so sitting in the green room (which is actually green) waiting to go on, I was more than a little nervous at the thought of spending an hour chatting live on air. After a few minutes on the sofa though (yes there is actually a sofa) chatting off air, Lesley soon put me at ease. I love talking about photography and what I do so once we got started the hour flew by and I think I got through it without saying anything too stupid. I haven’t listened back to it just in case but if you’d like to listen to the interview (minus the songs and news) click below.