The Togcast


A few weeks ago I was featured on the Togcast and, in all the excitement, totally forgot to mention it here, so better late than never, here it is.

First things first, if you’re not aware of the Togcast, it is a bi-monthly podcast focusing on photography and photographers, featuring interviews, gear reviews and location guides amongst other things. The show mainly concentrates on landscape and travel photography and since the first episode back in September 2016 it has featured interviews with some of the genre’s most inspirational photographers, Jonathan Critchley, Bruce Percy, Colin Prior, Charlie Waite… the list goes on and on. I must admit that I wasn’t sure at first how well the format would work (an audio podcast about a visual media) but it is surprisingly interesting to hear the thoughts, musings and occasional rants of photographers whose work I admire as well as introducing me to some great photographers I wasn’t familiar with. For anyone with an interest in landscape photography it’s well worth a listen, although if you’ve never listened before it might be worth starting with somebody more interesting than me!

I met up with Paul Sanders, co-host of the show and an excellent photographer himself, in Aldeburgh (hence the image above) back in October to record the interview. This was a meeting we’d been trying to arrange for some time, Paul originally contacted me back when the show was still in it’s infancy but I had no idea why anyone would want to hear me mumble on about my photography and it wasn’t until much later that he convinced me to do it, but with us both busy running workshops in various parts of the world it took several months before it finally happened.

Before meeting Paul I have to admit I was pretty nervous but the interview turned out to be just a chat involving clip on microphones and the hour or so flew by in a bit of a blur. Actually it was a total blur as while trying to replay the conversation in my head during the drive home I had no recollection of what I’d said and I spent the next few weeks nervously waiting for the podcast to be released to find out whether I’d made a fool of myself or not. Thankfully they edited my ramblings into something resembling a normal conversation and even my recorded voice didn’t sound as bad as I’d expected… then again perhaps I should let you decide!

You can download episodes or subscribe to the Togcast at or iTunes and you can find my episode here.