Southwold success

I love entering photography competitions. I can't really explain why - I guess sometimes it gives me a reason to try something different (smarties in a blender spring to mind) or maybe it's an excuse to do something with my photos rather than leaving them gathering proverbial dust on a hard drive.

More often than not though it's just because I like the look of the prize, however slim the chances of actually winning it. Which brings me neatly to the point of this mini blog entry... I finally got my hands on one of those prizes!

Earlier this week I received a call from one of the organisers of the Prince’s Countryside Fund Photography Competition to let me know that my image of Southwold pier (above) had won first prize in the 'By the sea' category! I've been enjoying more than my fair share of luck in competitions recently (more on that to come in another post) but this is my biggest achievement to date and it's safe to say that I'm more than a little chuffed.

There were six category winners in total with the overall winner to be selected by public vote ending 16th July. You can view all the winners and vote for your favourite here... and if you choose to vote for me I thank you!

Whatever the reason for entering competitions, win or lose, it's not often that I'm not thinking about my next entry, which means you'll probably be subjected to my ramblings on the subject fairly frequently in this blog for which I apologise in advance. 

The Prince's Countryside Fund