Small but perfectly formed

A few weeks ago I scribbled down a blog about compact system cameras, a piece of literary genius that will sadly never see the light of day. The gist of said piece was that as much as I love the whole concept of these small, lightweight but powerful cameras (or at least some of them) they only offer a lighter alternative to, rather than actually bettering my DSLR set-up, thus I wouldn't be buying one until I could justify it as an addition rather than a replacement for my Canon DSLRs.

However before I actually posted the piece online I found myself buying one, which although it ruined that whole blog the plus side is that I am now the proud owner of a used Fuji X-Pro1 in mint condition.

This is something of an introduction, I'm planning to keep you abreast of my progress with it but as I haven't currently got any lenses progress is understandably slow. What I have purchased, having experienced first hand the less than stellar battery life, is two spare batteries.

It's proving quite difficult to decide which of Fuji's (mostly) awesome lenses to buy as I'm not 100% sure what I'll end up using the camera for, it could well be a travel(ling light) camera or maybe it will take over landscape duties as well. While I make that decision I've ordered an adapter which will allow me to use some of the old Canon FD lenses that currently serve as paperweights in my office.

I'll keep you posted.