Press cuttings

I had a couple of images published in the November photography magazines so thought I'd mention it in the next blog. When I dug the magazines out to take a couple of snaps it turned out I'd had six this month so decided to give it a post of it's own!

Before I briefly run through them I should add that a couple of them are quite small and three of them are the same photo so it's not quite as good as it sounds but I still get excited about seeing my photos in print so indulge me!

First up is What Digital Camera magazine (below) with my review and photos from a day testing the Fuji X-Pro 1. The event was a competition prize, the four other winners and I were loaned a camera and three rather nice prime lenses each for the day in London with experts from the magazine and fuji on hand to offer advice and make sure we brought the cameras back!

Next is Photography Monthly (above) with my image of Southwold Pier in the Readers gallery section which this month is showcasing the winners of the Prince's Countryside Fund Photography Competition.

My Southwold Pier shot (again) was runner up in a seaside themed competition run by Digital Camera magazine and appeared in their November issue... I should be pleased to come anywhere at all in the competition but first prize was a backpack and I need a new one!

Only a small one in this month's Digital Photographer, a shot of a local landscape, but it's the first time I've been in DP and they all count!

Another small one and another first that I'm quite proud of is getting into the November issue of Outdoor Photographer with, you've guessed it... Southwold Pier (yet again). Outdoor Photography is the one title I buy without fail and an excellent magazine if you like, well... outdoor photography of any kind.

Last but not least one of my older photos, a wintry shot of cows at Dedham has made it onto the cover of the Suffolk magazine which brings my brief moment in the spotlight, blowing my own trumpet to an end... Next time I'll try and get back to talking about something other than myself!