Mist opportunities

The problem with being a part-time photographer is the 'weekend weather rule'. The weekend weather rule states that the weather on Monday will always be absolutely perfect for whatever type of photography you couldn't do over the last couple of days due to bad weather*. This Monday was particularly bad with a weekend of drab overcast, raininess followed by a drive to work on a crisp frosty morning with sun breaking through swirly mist covered fields. Determined not to be beaten I checked the forecast for Tuesday morning and when I saw a chance of frost I planned a quick local sunrise trip before work… a trip that would turn out to further frustrate.

Arriving at Dedham, conditions looked perfect and hurrying along the river with grass crunching underfoot, tree looming out of the mist ahead of me and warm colours in the sky signalling the approaching sunrise I was getting excited at the prospect. That is until I discovered I couldn't actually get where I wanted to go because it was flooded.

Photographers are a pretty resourceful bunch, it doesn't matter what your field (flooded or otherwise), things rarely go according to plan and you get used to thinking on your feet. No problem, I just started looking for alternative views and this photo with the flood water stretching across the field towards the sunrise, turned out to be one of them. It was the first of a handful of keepers that I came a way with before dashing back to the car and making the frantic drive to work.

Hang on, where does the frustration come into it? Well, I know this image could have been better. My problem is I can't help thinking there's a better composition somewhere else so as the sunrise colour spread across the sky, reflecting nicely across the foreground water, I was wandering around over by the river looking for that elusive perfect composition rather than getting the best from the one I'd already found and that sort of thing really bugs me.

Am I being too critical? Yes and no. Don't get me wrong, I am not unhappy with this image but the question is could it have been better? and if so, how? My aim has always been to try and create stunning images, a goal I'll never reach if I stop asking those questions of my work and accept an average image as being good enough. Besides, it's the incentive to keep setting that alarm early, any excuse to be out enjoying morning's like this.

*Unless you've taken Monday off