Making an exhibition of myself

Another post about competitions, well exhibitions to be precise… A few months ago one of my images won a gold medal for best mono in a BPE (British Photographic Exhibition) national exhibition, if you don't know what a BPE exhibition is (and if you aren't a member of a camera club then you probably won't) you can find out a bit more here…

That was my first time of entering and flush with my success I decided to enter a couple more exhibitions, there are around 20 of these exhibitions around the country every year and to cut what is becoming a long story short, the same image has won another medal!

As you can see in the image it gained a nice shiny judges award medal in the Solihull Photographic Society open exhibition and also a PAGB ribbon in the Southport Photographic Society open exhibition… I have to admit that I'm not quite sure what a PAGB ribbon is but I'll let you know once it arrives. 

I've mainly been entering mono digital images into these exhibitions and while the pictures were never taken with competitions or exhibitions in mind, I'm over the moon with how well they have been received and with nine of my images having been accepted into the first three exhibitions I'm well on the way to earning a BPE crown award which comes with 25 acceptances… I need to be careful this could become addictive!