Review: Lee Filters Field Pouch

April 15, 2016  •  5 Comments
Over the years my collection of filters has become indispensable (not to mention valuable) so it's important that they are well protected while I'm in the field, both from the elements and my own clumsiness. I've never quite found the perfect storage solution so I was looking forward to getting my hands on the Lee 'Field pouch' to see if it fit the...
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Tutorial: Basic RAW processing for landscapes

February 26, 2016  •  1 Comment
After - The final image Before - The original RAW file Before I begin processing I like to have an idea, however vague, of how the finished image will look. It doesn’t always go to plan but it helps get me started. Adobe Lightroom is at the heart of my workflow, as well as keeping my image library organised, it’s also where the bulk of my e...
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A walk along the River Alde

February 06, 2016  •  Leave a Comment
However many photos I come back with from a shoot, I don't often add more than one or two of those images to my website, preferring to just show a selection of my very best images. What happens to all the images that don't make the cut? They're all languishing unseen on my hard drive which seems a shame after spending so much time and effort on the...
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Review: Nisi Filters - part 3 - An update

January 13, 2016  •  4 Comments
Following on from my reviews of the Nisi V3 filter system and filters, I've got my hands on a few more Nisi goodies to test... Nisi 100mm filter holder system V5 (pictured centre) The new Nisi V5 filter system follows hot on the heels of the V3 system which I reviewed here a few months ago. I'm not sure what happened to the V4 but the new syste...
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Breathing space

January 03, 2016  •  1 Comment
The last year has been a busy one. I've spent more time than ever out with the camera working on commissions, running workshops and coming up with new images. I'm certainly not complaining about that but for every hour I'm taking photos I spend probably two or three times that on the computer, processing, preparing, writing or keywording (shudder).
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